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Here’s a fact you can take to the bank: Even in uncertain times, consumers will look for opportunities to rest, relax and have fun. Whether it is a weekend getaway for two, an adventure trip to an exotic location or a family vacation at a theme park, the demand for travel and leisure continues to boom. In fact, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) says that a stunning one in 10 jobs on the planet is concerned with travel and leisure. 

And that’s where you and your colleagues come in. As leaders in this dynamic industry, you are responsible for creating great memories for your guests, as well as ensuring your workforce remains focused on providing the best possible experiences for your customers. Leisure and Hospitality International is here to help you meet your goals. 

Leisure and Hospitality International is the magazine for today’s hospitality executives: smart, creative and ready to put their skills to work for an exciting new era of hospitality and leisure. Whether they work for hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise lines, casinos, airlines or any of the other important pieces of this exciting industry, Leisure and Hospitality International is here to keep them updated on the latest trends and news. 

Every issue features our award-winning editors’ coverage of back-of-house developments in new technologies, training techniques, supply chain management, marketing, customer data management and more. The customer-facing side is covered, too, through our exciting pro les of the world’s top leisure and hospitality companies, and the techniques they use to woo and win the loyalty of today’s travelers. 

Leisure and Hospitality International’s readers are senior-level executives and other decision-makers in all areas of the hospitality industry, including those mentioned above as well as theaters, sporting venues and amusement parks. The magazine provides its valued advertisers with an opportunity to reach these industry leaders, who influence purchase decisions for equipment, furniture, food and beverages, IT, consulting, logistics and more. 

More About the Magazine

Leisure and Hospitality International keeps its readers up to date with an active webpage and Twitter feed, as well as a quarterly magazine that provides expert opinions and company profiles in these sections:

“Getting There” –Airlines/airports, cruise ships, car rentals, bus services and other means of travel.

“Being There” – The things that make travel so exciting, such as sporting events, museums, concert venues and more.

“Staying There” – Where weary travelers can rest their heads, including hotels, hostels and resorts.

“Eating There” – Restaurants, cafes and other places where travelers can get a taste of a new locale.

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