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Winter travelers head south to Argentina for kayaking and rafting where sunshine and adventure abound.

By Pablo Chiozza

Argentina has long inspired travelers with images of the fiery tango and the bright multi-colored backdrops of La Boca. Today, a growing number of winter travelers are lured to the country by the ability to fly overnight from North America and enjoy rafting, kayaking and other sun-drenched adventures by noon the next day.

Resting on the eastern coast of South America and stretching south on the globe further than any other country in the world, Argentina boasts 1.73 million square miles of breathtaking landscapes to explore. For thrill seekers who enjoy feeling the spray of white-water rapids on their faces, Argentina’s 120-plus navigable rivers make the country an essential destination on any adventurer’s bucket list.

Indeed, its world-renowned rivers and rapids are a critical part of a truly Argentinean experience. These majestic bodies of water are distinguished by their intensity, which results from variations in altitude from the countries to the north and the towering Andes Mountains in the south.

Argentina’s rivers provide a range of activities and difficulty levels for rafting and kayaking to suit the needs of all travelers, from novice explorers to expert navigators. While some opt for relaxing self-guided paddles, others join one of numerous kayaking tours that navigate the best of the rolling waters to picturesque destinations – experienced only by those who are able to maneuver by water through the Argentinian landscape. These experiences may be enjoyed in as little as one afternoon or spread out across several weeks.

Adventure Awaits

There is no doubt that adventures abound wherever you find yourself in Argentina. Let a rafting tour on the Juramento River, which is close to Salta in the Northern region, inspire you to jump on over to Iguazu Falls and soak in the roar of the largest waterfall system in the world. Tackle the turquoise waters of the Manso River in Bariloche, Argentina's Lake District that sprawls thousands of square miles in northwestern Patagonia, then sit back on your raft and enjoy the view of the volcanoes, forests, mountains and lakes so breathtaking they are often compared to the Alpes in Switzerland.

flying south waterfallThe tastes of Argentina are equal to its offerings of adventurous pursuits on the water. The country’s most renowned culinary delights can be found just outside the seemingly remote settings of these water-based attractions.

In the central part of the country, also known as the gateway to the highest pass through the Andes Mountains, travelers will always find a fine menu of locally grown and produced world-famous wines from the vineyards located near the mountain town of Mendoza – which during Argentina’s summer, when the Andes’ snow melts away and fills the Mendoza River, provides arguably the best white-water rafting in Argentina. Or if you prefer, welcome yourself back to civilization in the bustling city of Buenos Aires where you can kayak the secluded setting of one of the world’s largest deltas or share vibrant moments sipping espresso and tasting handmade pastries while marveling at the Italian Baroque style architecture.

As the southernmost country in the world, Argentina may seem like a difficult destination to reach. This could not be further from the truth. The growth of the aviation industry in South America has provided countless options for travel.

Argentina is a wonderland for the adventurers who know what the country has to offer. When it is time to escape the cold winter, follow the warmth of the sun to Argentina and enjoy its unique culture and diverse natural water sources.


flying south Pablo Chiozza


Born and raised in Argentina, Pablo Chiozza is vice president of North America, the Caribbean and Asia for LATAM Airlines Group. Chiozza is noted for his instrumental role in the worldwide growth of LATAM Airlines. He may be reached at

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