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Vision Travel Solutions understands the importance of creating the right solutions for clients. Vision Travel began as a collection of regional travel agencies dating back to 1953. It is now the largest Canadian-owned independent travel management company. It specializes in corporate travel management, leisure travel, and meetings and incentives. About 70 percent of its volume is corporate and 25 percent is leisure, with the rest coming in the meeting and incentives space.

“In the corporate segment, clients are looking for a one-stop shop for their travel needs,” COO Brian Robertson says. “They want a dedicated partner that can serve them locally and globally.”

“For the most part, leisure travel clients are looking for a relationship,” Executive Vice President Stephanie Anevich adds. “They are looking to their travel advisor for experiential travel, family travel and multigenerational travel options. Our relationships with supplier partners help ensure that clients have a smooth experience.”

Modern Value

Vision Travel has three core business segments: corporate travel, leisure travel, and meetings and incentives. The company puts a lot of effort into understanding and adapting to changes in the travel industry. 

Vision Travel has seen leisure travel become more commoditized due in large part to the Internet. But there is a movement back towards working with a professional travel advisor to create exceptional experiences. 

“Leisure travelers are looking for active travel and cultural experiences,” Anevich says. “Ocean and river cruising are still strong. But adding active components to any trip can change it and add an exciting element.”

“Companies are looking at unique destinations for meetings and incentives, and they are also looking for comfort, safety and security,” Robertson adds. “They also want assurances that we have an existing relationship with the destination service providers. We have certainly seen a renewed focus on incentive travel. That is our smallest line of business, but it is where we are seeing the highest percentage of growth right now.”

Corporate travel has also seen growth as companies expand globally requiring increased safety and security solutions. There is also a trend towards adding leisure components to business trips.

Team Approach

Partnerships and investments are extremely important for Vision Travel Solutions. Vision Travel’s size allows it to manage and build relationships and provide clients with numerous advantages. In fact, it is a member of the Virtuoso luxury travel network and the Radius Travel global travel management company, which improves its relationships with suppliers and allows it to pass value on to clients. 

“We have preferred partnerships with major airline, hotel, cruise and tour companies around the world,” Robertson says. “We meet with local contacts regularly.”

In terms of investments, the company has improved its telecomm solutions to support its teams in North America and internationally, as well as to support its global client base. It has improved its reporting programs, and it has invested in safety and security programs so it can better monitor clients. 

“We’ve also invested into mobile technology for all of our clients to provide them with information on world events and sudden changes that can happen while travelling,” Robertson says.

In addition, the company has invested in expansion through acquisition. Recently, Vision Travel acquired a majority interest in Toronto-based New Wave Travel. The company has offices around Canada, and it has supported growth through training, niche marketing and specific travel products. “That helps our locations grow their book of business and increases our referral base,” Anevich says.  

Vision Travel also invested in a recent rebranding initiative. The company was previously known as Vision 2000 Travel Group. Its rebranding to Vision Travel Solutions includes a new, simple look and a marketing campaign professing a more personal and responsive approach to travel planning. Thus far, the company feels the new brand has been well received by both clients and preferred partners.

Having just finished its current fiscal year, the company was pleased to reach sales and revenue goals. It has achieved growth organically and through acquisition for all lines of business. The company plans to continue pursuing strategic growth in the final year of its current three-year business plan.

The company is also looking at expanding its presence in new markets. Vision Travel is well known in Canada, but it also has many American clients. It is looking at ways it can become more of a North American company in terms of its scope, reach and client base. 

“We must maintain a unified culture while growing and keep our organization as flat as possible,” Robertson says. “Our travel advisors are empowered to serve clients and bring value to their travel experiences.” 

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